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39LN(Big lens) P0LA2.0 39 REV 1.0, A/B Type for LG

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SKU: FL699180 Category:

39LN(Big lens) P0LA2.0 39 REV 1.0, A/B Type

Warranty: 90-Day Warranty
Part Type: LED Strips
Part Number: 39LN/LA-STRIPS
Part Usage: LED/LCD
MFR Part Number 1: LG AGF78400501
Board Number(s): P0LA2.0, LG INNOTEK POLA2.0 39″ B TYPE REV 0.0 2012.11.14, LG INNOTEK POLA2.0 39″ A TYPE REV 0.0 2012.11.14
Substitute Parts: HC390DUN-VCFP1-21XX LED Strips
Panel Sticker Number: T390HVN02.2, HC390DUN-VCFP1-11xx, HC390DUN-VCFP1-21xx
Panel Manufacturer: AU Optronics, Heesung
Brands: Lg
Important Message: PLEASE NOTE: Many TV models use various different sets of LED strips. Please match the strips shown in the photo to the originals in your TV before ordering.

TV Part Types: LED Light Strip
TV Models:
39LN613V-ZB 39LN570S-ZE 39LN5708-ZE 39LN570V-ZA 39LN570U-ZA 39LN570S-ZA 39LN570R-ZA 39LN5708-ZA 39LN5707-ZA 39LA616V-ZG 39LA621V-ZD 39LA621S-ZD 39LA6218-ZD 39LA620V-ZA 39LA620S-ZA 39LA6208-ZA 39LN570V-ZE 39LN5758-ZE 39LN575S-ZE 39LN613S-ZB 39LN6138-ZB 39LN610V-ZB 39LN610S-ZB 39LN6108-ZB 39LN578V-ZE 39LN578S-ZE 39LN5788-ZE 39LN577V-ZK 39LN577S-ZK 39LN5778-ZK 39LN575U-ZE 39LN575R-ZE 39LN5757-ZE 39LN575V-ZE 39LA615V-ZF 39LA615V-ZE 39LN540V-ZA 39LN541U-ZB 39LN540U-ZB 39LN540U-ZA 39LN540S-ZA 39LN540R-ZA 39LN540B-ZA 39LN5406-ZA 39LN5405-ZA 39LN5404-ZA 39LN5403-ZA 39LN5400-ZA 39LA6200 39LN5700 39LN5700-UH AUSDLJM 39LN5700-UH BUSDLWM 39LN541V-ZC 39LN539V-ZD 39LA613S-ZA 39LA615V-ZB 39LA615V-ZA 39LA615S-ZB 39LA615S-ZA 39LA6156-ZB 39LA6154-ZB 39LA6139-ZB 39LA613V-ZG 39LA613V-ZF 39LA613V-ZB 39LA613S-ZB 39LA6136-ZB 39LA6134-ZB 39LA6130-ZB 39LA613V-ZA 39LN5300-UB BUSDLWM

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