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  • PLEASENOTE: Many TV models use various different sets of LED strips. Please match the strips shown in the photo to the originals in your TV before ordering.
  • IMPORTANT: If you are replacing leds in an LGTV, it is recommended that you install the latest TV software after installation to minimize the risk of repeat LED failure. On Smart TV models, please update software from the Setup menu. For non-Smart TV models, please LG’s TV support website for instructions regarding your model.

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Screen      : LM238WF1-SLK1 new LG 23.8″ LCD panel display with 60 days warranty
Size           : 23.8″
Resolution : WUXGA
Condition   : Brand New, Direct from manufacture 100% COMPATIBLE
Replacement Screen Display (Liquid Crystal Display)
LCD Screen used on this laptop model could be from different manufacturers. For most of models, the lcd screens are compatible with each other.
By purchasing a compatible screen, we are able to offer you the lowest price product.
Please match your original screen’s BACKLIGHT TYPE, SIZE and RESOLUTION before you make the purchase. (Some laptop models come with more than one type of screens.)
            Backlight Lamp                    :LED
            Product Type                        :Touch Screen Display
            Technology                           :Active Matrix TFT
            Finish                                     :Glossy or Matte (Depends upon availability)
            Dead Pixel Policy                 :In Accordance with ISO 13406-2 norm
            Source                                   :Factory Direct
            Packaging                             :Fragile Customized Package
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